Laser tube cutter

Laser tube cutter

July 22, 2019

3D/Additive/Alternative Machining

Novi, Michigan – BLM Group USA’s LT5 Lasertube can be ordered with 2kW fiber laser capability for faster processing speeds. This entry level automated laser tube cutter is suitable for small to medium-sized round tube applications up to 120mm (4.75”) in diameter and can process mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and galvanized materials.

The machine is capable of producing complex end cuts and features in tubes or used simply as a laser sawing machine to produce straight cuts in a cost-effective manner. As compared to sawing, the laser reduces material waste given its narrow cut width (kerf) of only a few tenths of a millimeter.

The LT5 is a compact machine designed for continuous production of small diameter and thin wall tubes featuring automated tube handling from bar loader to piece unloader. Its high production cutting rates are complemented by the ability to send different parts to multiple unloading positions: front, rear and onto a specific metal belted conveyor designed for short parts. This eliminates the need to separate the parts discharged to a single container by hand. And it speeds up the collection of completed parts which is an advantage to the overall production efficiency.

In addition to round tubes, the LT5 can cut square tube stock up to 100mm in diameter as well as rectangles, ovals and elliptical semi-flat/full up to 120mm x 70 mm.

Equipped with BLM’s Artube 3D CAD/CAM software, users can move from a design idea to a part in one click — simply by entering tube dimensions to desired cuts to go straight to production. The software can also design a more complex frame through clear, three-dimensional graphics or users can import other CAD programs and send everything needed to start production to the machine immediately, without errors.