Laser tube cutting system

Laser tube cutting system

December 4, 2019

3D/Additive/Alternative Tooling/Cutting

Novi, Michigan – BLM Group USA’s LT8.20 laser tube cutting system allows users to choose their preferred laser source, loader/unloader style, and positioning of the peripheral equipment to maximize floor space.

The LT8.20 can handle cutting diameters of up to 9.5” and bar weight up to 27 lb./ft.

Featuring a 3D tilt cutting head, the LT8.20 performs high-precision angular cuts in round, square, triangular, l-beam, and other special shapes. With a tilting axis of 45°, it can handle complex cutting patterns, reach hard to access locations and is well-suited for weld prep cuts in thick-walled tubes.

The system is available with a 3.5kW CO2 laser source for cutting mild steel, stainless, and some aluminum alloys, or with a 3kW or 4kW fiber laser that can additionally cut highly reflective materials such as copper, brass, and galvanized steels.

With the LT8.20, users have extreme flexibility in their loading and unloading systems. The machines accommodate step-by-step loaders for when the bar shape is constantly changing, single bar loaders for prototypes and small lots, and bundle loaders for maximum unmanned productivity. The loaders can be positioned in front of the machine or behind it, enabling users to adapt the machine to available space.

For unloading, users can choose from standard, short part and scrap unloaders. Short parts are conveyed out at constant rate on a conveyor table that boosts productivity with a faster part discard. Longer parts can be programmed to unload to the front or the rear of the machine. By dividing unloading by part type, part collection can proceed without interruption. Supporting arms and tables on the feeding and unloading line constantly support the bar movement during processing, reducing axial tube deformations and increasing machining accuracy.

Configuring the system with the chain loader on the front side reduces the system footprint by 20% and enables loading and unloading operations from the same side. This makes the system even more efficient for small series production and small quantities.

The LT8.20 Lasertube features BLM’s Active technologies.:

  • Active Tilt – uses focus head movement to provide fastest processing of small features
  • Active Scan – eliminates errors induced by distorted tubes
  • Active Weld – Adapts laser cutting parameters to ensure continuity and perfect scrap detachment in consideration of bigger weld seams
  • Active Focus – provides error free cuts regardless of changes of material and thickness
  • Active Marking – offers dynamic part marking for complete production traceability
  • Active Speed – ensures higher cutting quality on the most critical jobs
  • Active Piercing – increases piercing speed and reliability even on inconsistent material quality and thickness

Key to the effectiveness of the LT8.20 is the BLMelements integrated software suite uniting design, programming, simulation, and multi-machine production management in a single source. User-friendly 3D programming software transforms designs to production in one click users can produce parts right, right from the first part.