All stainless-steel compact cylinder

All stainless-steel compact cylinder

May 16, 2016

Bimba Manufacturing
Design Components Hydraulics Pneumatics

University Park, Illinois – Bimba, an industry-leading innovator of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion solutions, announce the addition of a stainless steel, compact cylinder to its Flat-I product line. The Stainless Steel Flat-I cylinders were designed especially for applications in which frequent, corrosive wash downs are required to prevent the propagation of bacteria. 

Bimba provides customers with a cylinder that has mounting holes only where they are needed, with a clean stainless steel exterior. Most importantly, because of the importance of sterility and the need for cleaning with high-pressure, high temperature sprays applied at close range, Bimba made the Stainless Steel Flat-I at the highest possible rating on the Ingress Protection International Scale – IP69K, 6 for being dust-tight and 9 for protection against liquids. 

The Stainless Steel Flat-I comes in a wide range of 8 bore sizes and breadth of cylinder options.

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Source: Bimba