Updated stamping, hydroforming presses

Updated stamping, hydroforming presses

September 11, 2019

Beckwood Press Co.


St. Louis, Missouri – Beckwood Press Co.’s 4,000 lbf (2 ton) EVOx servo-electric press, is ideal for light-duty applications requiring high precision, cleanliness, and efficiency. With three modes of operation, the press reaches positional accuracy to within ±0.0005”. Users can gather instant feedback for diagnostics and maintenance using the data acquisition system which records key performance metrics at a rate of 1,000 samples per second.

Also new, a Triform model 610-20-3 deep draw sheet hydroforming press, is ideal for low-volume, high-mix part production. The pressurized rubber diaphragm easily forms complex net-shaped parts over a single, un-mated tool while diaphragm pressure and punch position are tightly controlled (to 1% of full scale and ±0.002” respectively). Using the proprietary In-Sight tool, users can easily develop the perfect recipe for any deep drawn part.

Both presses feature intuitive controls, recipe handling, and data acquisition for strict part traceability as well as a PressLink remote support module which connects Beckwood technicians with the press in the field to expedite troubleshooting, maintenance, program updates, and training. The connectivity of these machines allows the IoT to be utilized for maximum uptime and predictability.