Servo-electric presses

Servo-electric presses

April 10, 2019

Beckwood Press Co.

St. Louis, Missouri – Beckwood Press Co.’s EVOx line of servo-electric presses includes models ranging from 1,000 lbf of force 100,000 lbf (0.5 tons to 50 tons). EVOx presses are designed for light-duty assembly applications including clamping, crimping, joining, press fitting, punching/blanking, riveting, spring testing, staking, and swaging.

The EVOx line of presses is powered by Exlar electric roller-screw actuators from Curtiss-Wright, in lieu of hydraulic systems. Eliminating the hoses, pumps, and hydraulic oil improves cleanliness, energy efficiency, and operator safety while lowering operational and maintenance costs. The roller-screw technology ensures Exlar actuators last longer than traditional ball-screw actuators.

EVOx presses feature a programmable, intuitive controls system that guarantees positional repeatability to within ±0.0005” while offering force and positional feedback. Additionally, actuator size, frame style, dwell time, safety guarding, and other parameters are fully configurable.

Due to the inherent benefits of servo technology, Beckwood is also offering servo-electric actuators as an option on all new forming equipment and as a post-installation upgrade on existing hydraulic presses up to 200 tons.