March 11, 2016


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Troy, Michigan – AVL List GmbH has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) online software portal adding AVL EXCITE Acoustics and AVL FIRE M to the APA's portfolio of third-party technology, in the domains of sound radiation calculation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and multiphysics.

Dr. Gotthard Rainer, AVL vice president Advanced Simulation Technologies, says, "Our tools offer valuable capabilities that complement very well what Altair is supplying to their customers. We are convinced bringing these products together will help our mutual users achieve better solutions more efficiently."

EXCITE Acoustics applies the wave based technique (WBT) to calculate sound radiation emitted in free fields from vibrating structures, such as engines and power units in automobiles. The WBT acoustic models are substantially smaller than traditional models required for element-based methods, resulting in accurate results and high computational efficiency.

Acoustic meshes produced in EXCITE Acoustics are not frequency dependent, which allows users to use one model to achieve accurate results for the entire frequency range, and the ability to use unmodified finite element (FE) mesh to generate the acoustic models with a fully automated process makes for short analysis lead times and a more efficient process overall.

Harold Thomas, vice president of Business Development at Altair, says, "AVL EXCITE Acoustics and AVL FIRE M complement HyperWorks products by bringing new capability to the suite in NVH and multiphysics domains. For example, the element solver OptiStruct has the capability to directly prepare the AVL EXCITE Acoustics input data file, so making both products available on the same license will only improve the experience of our end users."

FIRE M is a versatile, multi-domain simulation software which makes it possible to simultaneously compute non-reacting single phase flows, heat transfer, and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries. The software is able to take models of all geometrical complexity levels and perform a fast and robust multiphysics analysis that even users who are not CFD experts can manage.

Both EXCITE Acoustics and FIRE M are most suitable for application in the automotive industry, with expertise in engine and powertrain development.

Source: Altair Partner Alliance