High-capacity cart mover

High-capacity cart mover

March 25, 2021

Appleton Manufacturing


Neenah, Wisconsin – Built on the CartMover design platform, the CartMover XR boasts more than 20,000 lb capacity. The CartMover XR introduces features that increase productivity and ensure worker safety.

An improved, extreme-duty lifting platform and frame deliver an enhanced ergonomic design that increases worker safety. A 4” lift height that allows moving a wider variety of carts over a greater range of surfaces. Paired with the long-life, easy-to-change lithium-iron-phosphate modular battery, the highly-maneuverable, CartMover XR is as easy-to-use as a pallet jack but far more powerful.

“The new, bigger lifting range means the CartMover XR can accommodate almost any cart type or configuration without the need to change tooling even when you use different carts in a single facility. The high-visibility body allows operators to easily spot the CartMover XR, while the ergonomic design allows for safe and comfortable operation for all of your operators,” said Matt Spang, director of sales at Appleton.

Excellent for both long-haul moves across a facility, and short moves within a manufacturing cell, the CartMover XR is ideal for almost any manufacturing situation. It can be equipped with a variety of engineered or custom hitches to securely connect to a variety of carts, bins, vehicles, or other wheeled loads.