Laser tracker probe

Laser tracker probe

March 15, 2019

API Sensor

Plymouth, Michigan – API’s 6DoF vProbe hand-held tactile probing system, for use with its portable Radian Pro and Plus Laser Tracker range, extends dimensional measurement capabilities to perform part inspections conventionally performed by large fixed coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The wirelessly-operated API vProbe allows measurement of intricate part features, including those outside the tracker’s line-of-site, providing fast and accurate manual part inspections. The vProbe, combined with a laser tracker, can provide more measurement versatility than a portable arm CMM while being significantly more accurate and more suitable for larger parts.

The portability of the API Radian Plus laser tracker with vProbe combination allows measurements to be made directly on the production floor and, in many cases, when a large part is still in situ on large machine tools.

The lightweight, fully-integrated vProbe, with easy-hold grip, turns a laser tracker into a truly portable CMM with its integrated, repeatable, quick-change ruby styli, while offering tactile scanning with instant part alignment correlation feedback. vProbe makes measurements quick and easy whether inside, behind or underneath a large part.

vProbe features an easy-hold grip, 6-hour battery life, LED indicator and dual styli mount with toggle switch which can carry stylus extensions of up-to 500mm, providing measuring access to deep part features and further increasing laser tracker production-floor measuring capability.

The combo package suits a wide range of large volume metrology applications found across the full depth of manufacturing industries.