Additive de-powdering system

Additive de-powdering system

May 21, 2020

Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd (AMT) and Leering Hengelo have partnered together to bring two new de-powdering systems called PostProDP and PostProDP Pro to the market.

Currently, up to 60% of the manufacturing costs of a 3D printed part are attributed to the highly manual steps of post-processing the part after it has been printed. Current de-powdering methods are costly and time consuming.

The PostProDP range has been specifically designed for the AM industry, and provides a standalone high throughput industrial de-powdering solution. Both de-powdering machines are CE and ATEX certified. Differentiating features include an internally located adjustable and removable tumble basket to allow optimized part cleaning, as well as minimizing the fine particulate powder leakage after processing. Furthermore, ionizing nozzles leave the parts completely powder free after blasting. This unique design configuration allows for a safer and more efficient user experience. The systems are equipped with a recipe-controlled PLC controller preloaded with recipes for each common material combination, therefore offering a truly plug and play solution.

The PostProDP is 3D printer material agonistic and works with all powder-based printer platforms including HP Multi Jet Fusion, EOS, and 3D Systems, as well as a range of thermoplastic polymers such as polyamides and elastomeric materials. The system can be run with multiple medias, including steel balls, and takes 10 minutes to remove all the powder without damaging any of the parts. The PostProDP range complements AMT’s existing range of PostPro3D vapor smoothing machines and contributes to AMT’s vision of offering a full end to end post-processing workflow.