DC Micro Welder

DC Micro Welder

April 13, 2017

Amada Miyachi America Inc


Monrovia, California – The UB29A Linear DC Micro Welder provides a larger current range, greater control, and faster rise time for micro-miniature resistance welding. Featuring closed-loop feedback, fast response times and a controlled precise energy waveform, the UB29A is designed for safety-critical applications in the automotive, medical, aerospace, precision electronics, and battery markets.

Designed to complement the UB29 Linear DC Micro Welder, UB29A’s improved waveform control and faster rise time feature a larger current range than the legacy power supply.

The UB29A delivers an output power range of 15A-1,500A in four control modes: current, voltage, power, and V-A (voltage-current). It delivers a precisely controlled, repeatable waveform with a less-than 200 microseconds rise time. It can be used to weld wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, and squibs.

The UB29A’s design features an On/Off switch on front of the unit and a simplified rear panel for I/O connections. Dual-pulse schedules and side-mounted bus bars with threaded inserts are for mounting weld cables.