Sense touchscreen simulation software

Sense touchscreen simulation software

February 16, 2017


Troy, Michigan – The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) is pleased to announce the addition of Fieldscale’s Sense to its software offering. Sense is an intuitive and highly advanced touchscreen design and simulation tool. The cutting-edge algorithms provide accurate results up to 10x faster than any other simulation software. Engineers save effort and time and products are launched sooner and with increased profit margins.

Molly Heskitt, senior director of business development at Altair, says, “Sense software in our offering will further empower electronics product designers to create robust solutions and shorten development cycles.”

Sense was developed by identifying the greatest challenges of using simulation in touchscreen design and tackling them one by one.

In Sense, it takes seconds to set up the design by choosing the analysis type, the controller, the pattern, and the stack-up. The parametric analysis capability enables simultaneous testing of hundreds of finger positions in all three dimensions. Algorithms running in the background deliver results with maximum accuracy in a minimal amount of time. Results are presented in heat maps and interactive plots and can be easily filtered and exported.

“Sense is the first of a long line of new generation simulation tools. Simplifying the simulation by hiding all expertise behind a simple intelligent app environment will enable more engineers to use simulation in their design processes,” says Yiorgos Bontzios, CEO at Fieldscale.

Source: Altair