4-axis stepper motor controller

4-axis stepper motor controller

July 20, 2020


Motion control Motors/Drive

AllMotion’s EZ4Axis23WV stepper motor controller driver runs four independent stepper motors using intelligent stepper motor controller circuitry. This 4-axis position controller with power drivers features programmable acceleration ramps and speeds using four independent 1 Amp (2 Amp peak) PWM chopper drives.

EZ4Axis23WV, with dual encoders, measures only 2.25" x 2.25" x 0.6" and operates from a 9V to 32V supply and regulates any motor current via software command. Thus, a 3V motor can be run using a 24V supply. This allows engineers to easily design-in the EZ4Axis23WV, regardless of the application’s available power. The stepper motor driver controller operates at up to 59,000 microsteps/second.

Commands can be sent via RS-232, RS-485, USB, or CAN-based communications. The system designer can communicate from their application over a serial port or use the EZCommander Windows application available for download from AllMotion. The device can operate in a stand-alone configuration with no connection to a PC and includes 12 digital I/O and two 1A power on/off drivers. They are daisy-chainable with other AllMotion products using a single 4-wire bus. The EZ4Axis23WV is compliant with RoHS standards for restriction of hazardous substances used in the electronic component.