Additive manufacturing system

Additive manufacturing system

November 30, 2018


The EOS M 300-4 is equipped with software solutions for all AM process steps – from the preparation of CAD design data and the build job to quality control.

This interaction delivers optimal flow of parts and data throughout every step in production with additive manufacturing (AM) – including design, the AM build process, and quality assurance, meeting requirements AM serial production from one a single source.

Prior to the AM build process, Amphyon software from Additive Works simulates the part production, highlighting and optimizing potentially problematic areas of the part at an early stage. The intuitive CAM tool EOSPRINT 2 lets users to effectively prepare part data for the build process and EOSPRINT 2 algorithms can be integrated directly into leading CAD systems. This allows an uninterrupted and associatively linked workflow in a consistent software environment.

The EOS M 300-4 offers up to 10x higher productivity while manufacturing parts to industrial-grade quality. The platform is configurable with the complete EOSTATE Monitoring-Suite for real-time monitoring of the AM build process. The suite includes four different monitoring modules (System and Laser, PowderBed, MeltPool, and Exposure OT) enabling users to capture production and quality-related data. Being able to carry out quality assurance during the build process is significant, particularly in large-scale manufacturing, as reproducible high part quality is essential.

In order to fully integrate additive manufacturing in industrial production environments, the production cell can be connected to existing MES/ERP applications through EOSCONNECT and its open OPC UA interface. New digital marketplaces and IoT platforms are also supported. All machine and production data can be used in real time, forming the basis of a digital factory. The first element of the EOSCONNECT software suite, EOSCONNECT Core recently became available and further modules are currently being developed.