Omax  abrasive waterjet cutting systems

Omax abrasive waterjet cutting systems

September 3, 2021

Omax Corp.

At FABTECH 2021 in booth A4454, OMAX Corp will demonstrate the precision and versatility of its OMAX 80X, MAXIEM 1530, and ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet cutting systems. Each system is easy to use and offers unique performance capabilities that serve a wide variety of applications and materials.

Equipped with OMAX’s Tilt-A-Jet, the OMAX 80X will showcase its advanced automated taper compensation that attains virtually zero taper for parts with square, taper-free edges. The OMAX 80X Series bridge-style machines are customizable to lengths up to 26ft 8" and include reliable, powerful EnduroMAX pumps and OMAX IntelliMAX software.

EnduroMAX direct-drive pumps provide durable, highly efficient performance with more than 1,000 cutting hours between maintenance cycles. With a combination of efficiency and power, these pumps use less energy, produce faster cuts, and reduce per-part costs. With no need for hydraulic oil, OMAX eliminates the need for expensive chemical disposal during maintenance procedures.

Running on Windows 10, the OMAX IntelliMAX Software Suite delivers extraordinary power and performance while remaining intuitive and easy to use. From creating a drawing to importing part files, IntelliMAX easily prepares your design for machining. Powerful cutting enhancements complete the process, quickly converting your design into reality with efficiency and precision.

The OMAX 80X is ideal for cutting larger or multiple-part projects, in part because of IntelliTRAX, the high-precision linear drive technology designed exclusively for the abrasive waterjet environment. This robust, reliable system requires little maintenance, and maximizes both machine time and profit margins.

OMAX will spotlight the MAXIEM 1530, the proven combination of speed, precision and repeatability in an X/Y cutting envelope. With a cutting envelope of 10ft 0" x 5ft 2" (3,835mm x 1,752mm) and a table load of 300 lb/ft2 (1,221kg/m2), the MAXIEM 1530’s design makes it ideal for shops that need both speed and precision in a large-format workhorse with many available options. The machine also offers a high-pressure direct drive 50,000psi pump in 20hp, 30hp and 40hp configurations, as well OMAX’s renowned IntelliMAX Software and IntelliTRAX traction drive system.

As one of the first compact abrasive waterjet cutting systems, OMAX’s ProtoMAX will also be on display as a small-footprint option for light-industrial, and prototyping use in a variety of shops and applications. With comprehensive material versatility, this machine cuts through nearly anything up to 1" thick, including steel, mild or tool steel and much more. The machine’s comprehensive versatility and relatively small size make it well suited for prototyping and R&D work as well as for customer one-offs and proof of concept fabrication.

The ProtoMAX generates 30,000psi cutting power with a 5hp pump, and the pump and machine’s cutting table are on casters for easy relocation when needed. Plus, the system plugs into a 240VAC clothes dryer-style outlet and does not require any hardwiring. A clamshell cover combines safety protection with clean, quiet operation. The ProtoMAX also offers submerged cutting.