Zotye USA plans US launch of China-made T600 crossover by late 2020

Zotye USA plans US launch of China-made T600 crossover by late 2020

Company hopes to be the first China-based automaker to sell vehicles in U.S. under its own brand name.


Lake Forest, California – Zotye USA, the U.S. sales arm of China’s Zotye automotive brand, plans to sell its T600 mid-size crossover here by the end of 2020 or early 2021, making it the first Chinese company to sell in the U.S. using its own brand name.

General Motors imports some China-made Buick crossovers, and several of Volvo’s sedans are made in China, but despite appearances at U.S. auto shows and several earlier promises, no company from the largest nation on earth has been able to get its products into the U.S. market.

Haah Automotive Holdings, parent company of Zotye USA, aims to change that, Chairman and CEO Duke Hale said.

The T600 debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 16, 2109, and is anticipated to go on sale in China next year. The U.S. model is expected to use an inline 1.6L 4-cylinder engine with turbocharging and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Zotye USA is currently planning to bring in at least two additional vehicles, a mid-size CUV and a sedan. Timing for when those vehicles will go on sale has not yet been announced.

“This T600 is a perfect vehicle for the U.S. market and I'm very excited to announce it will be the first Zotye product to go on sale here. The vehicle has excellent quality, outstanding safety features and will be very well equipped with a unique design that will make it popular with American buyers, " Hale said.

Zotye USA's formation was announced on November 13, 2018 as the exclusive sales and distribution company of Zotye Automobiles for the U.S. market.

Development of the Zotye USA franchised new car dealer network is also proceeding as planned. The company had announced in January that it had signed agreements for 19 new vehicle sales locations. Today, the number of locations stands at 60 and the company anticipates it will have close to 300 locations in the top 100 markets by the time the T600 goes on sale. Total size of the Zotye USA sales network is expected to be about 325 locations.