Wenzel to offer Nikon laser scanners

Wenzel to offer Nikon laser scanners

Distribution agreement adds scanning equipment to Wenzel CMMs.


Brighton, Michigan – Nikon Metrology Inc. is partnering with Wenzel America, allowing Wenzel to distribute Nikon laser scanning products in North America.

The partnership combines Wenzel’s strengths in coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) with Nikon’s laser scanners, allowing Wenzel to market CMMs with multiple measurement strategies.

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Wenzel America president Drew Shemenski said, “One of our core philosophies at Wenzel is working with market-leading technology partners to offer broad solutions to our customers. Nikon is a clear leader in laser scanning technology.”

He added that “combining the power and capability of Nikon sensors with the accuracy and reliability of Wenzel systems will give the market unparalleled solutions to the metrology challenges faced by modern manufacturing.”

Robert Martin, vice president of sales, Nikon Metrology (Americas) said, “This partnership certainly has a head start because both brands are passionate solution providers offering premier products and best-in-class support for today’s metrology market demands.”