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February 8, 2017

Electric, hybrid components portfolio

Spicer Electrified fully integrated motor, control, and e-drive technologies could advance electric propulsion systems for battery-electric and gas-electric hybrid passenger and commercial vehicles. Addressing light, commercial, and off-highway vehicles, the portfolio complements battery-cooling solutions offered through the Long brand.

Now in production, the Spicer EV Drive for electric vans manages speed and torque from the e-motor to the wheels. Planned for a 2018 launch, e-axles for electric transit buses and city delivery vehicles feature integrated motors and gear boxes. Under development with automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are all-wheel-drive (AWD) e-axles that extend capability to front-wheel drive hybrids, improving performance, packaging, and reliability compared to traditional AWD systems.

Dana Inc.

ADAS camera control unit

The DS90UB964-Q1 dual-port quad deserializer hub is compliant with the MIPI camera serial interface 2 (CSI-2) specification. The automotive-qualified hub simultaneously aggregates and replicates high-resolution data from up to four cameras. High-data throughput and precision are essential in autonomous driving and sensor fusion-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including surround-view systems, rearview cameras, driver-monitor cameras, camera- monitor systems, front camera systems, and satellite radar equipment.

Higher bandwidth enables processing of more video data fasters in equipment designed to recognize pedestrians, bicyclists, and other obstacles in a vehicle’s path or periphery. The DS90UB964-Q1 FPD-Link III device’s dual CSI-2 outputs with virtual channel ID mapping and port replication save processor resources to speed processing of data from up to four cameras at 100MHz per sensor and 12-bit resolution. Adaptive equalization (EQ) provides diagnostics that enable the system to monitor cable health and take action before cable failure occurs.

The DS90UB964-Q1 deserializer hub can work with many processors, including the TDA3x SoC processor for ADAS. The power-over-coax support allow engineers to reduce the wiring needed in their systems.

Texas Instruments Inc.