Toyota starts hydrogen fuel cell build contest for California high schools #WhyMFG

Toyota starts hydrogen fuel cell build contest for California high schools #WhyMFG

Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge to introduce students to advanced, clean fuel systems.

August 12, 2016

Torrance, California – Game-based learning. Augmented reality virtual field trips. Biometric eye-tracking to determine how students absorb and understand content.

Today’s classroom is evolving. The next generation of innovators crave hands-on learning experiences and working alongside professionals who share their passion. Toyota embraces this collaborative spirit and an ongoing commitment to STEM education. That’s why Toyota is partnering with Horizon Educational Group to bring the Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge to 20 California schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

The Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge is a semester-long, afterschool program focused on alternative fuels and climate change. During the unique, hands-on program, teams of high school students have the opportunity to build their own fuel cell remote control vehicles and learn first-hand about the future of fuel cell technology. The program has kicked off with a teacher training event at Toyota’s offices in Torrance, California and will cross the finish line when student teams race their fuel cells vehicles in March 2017.

“The Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge provides an opportunity to introduce the next generation of innovators to fuel cell technology,” says Doug Coleman, Toyota national vehicle marketing manager. “We hope this challenge encourages students to join Toyota in the effort to create a more eco-conscious and sustainable future.”

The customized, interactive STEM curriculum is rooted in the design principles of the Toyota Mirai, including exploring challenges and solutions Mirai engineers experienced during vehicle development, with a focus on renewable energy technology. In addition to support from Toyota fuel cell engineers, the students will be coached by trailblazing Mirai owners and work with members of a Toyota NASCAR Pit Crew for their final race.

Participating schools include 10 each from Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Several schools contain largely multicultural – Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American – student bodies. The participation of these schools reaffirms Toyota’s commitment to supporting innovators from all communities and backgrounds.

Horizon Educational is dedicated to providing fun and meaningful learning experiences through adapting innovative technologies into classrooms while maintaining robust academic standards. Passionate about sustainability, Horizon puts the learning experience in the context of how to solve the big challenges of the 21st century.

Source: Toyota Motor Co.