Toyota names Gentex 2020 Technology and Development Award winner

Toyota names Gentex 2020 Technology and Development Award winner

The award recognizes Gentex for its mirror-integrated digital video recorder.


Zeeland, Michigan -- Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX), a leading supplier of digital vision, connected car, dimmable glass and fire protection technologies, was recently named a 2020 Technology and Development Award winner by Toyota Motor Corporation. This award recognizes automotive suppliers for superior innovation and product development efforts.

Gentex was recognized for its digital video recorder (DVR) system, which launched in 2020 on the Toyota Harrier in Japan. The DVR system is built into a Gentex Full Display Mirror®, or FDM®, a digital rearview mirror that uses a custom camera and mirror-integrated video display to optimize a vehicle’s rearward view. The mirror is the ideal location for the DVR system because it leverages the existing advanced electronics already in the mirror and eliminates packaging complexity.

The DVR system continuously records road scenes using the vehicle’s front and rear cameras onto a removable microSD card and then automatically overwrites older video files once the memory becomes full. In the event of vehicle impact, the DVR system protects the video file and saves it for viewing on a computer. Drivers can also manually trigger the system to record and protect short clips or photos with a single button push.

Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gentex and Toyota completed the development and launch of this product in just 18 months, which is about a year shorter than the normal development lead-times for this product.

“We are very proud of our engineering team here at Gentex,” said Neil Boehm, Gentex’s chief technology officer and vice president of engineering. “We were able to partner with Toyota and adapt to the unique circumstances brought about by the pandemic to meet this critical need and launch our DVR system on a very short timeline.”