Toyota subcompact pickup, throwback Honda SUV highlight April Fools

Toyota subcompact pickup, throwback Honda SUV highlight April Fools

Fewer automakers play pranks, but the ones that did had some clever jokes.


Cleveland Ohio – One way to have a class-leading vehicle is to create a new class. Toyota engineers apparently took that tactic in mind, adding a pickup bed to theYaris subcompact car.

The so-called 2020 Yaris Adventure would offer nearly 300 lb of payload capacity, enough to haul enough paving stones to redo the average home driveway… as long as the driver is willing to make 20 trips.

“Toyota is very excited to debut this product that nobody saw coming,” says a senior executive at Toyota who preferred to remain anonymous. “We’re constantly listening to our customers and reacting to the market. We have to blame the market on this one, as we haven’t had one customer ask for a truck like this.”

For some reason, Toyota wasn’t the only automaker to share odd product news on April 1. Honda plans to launch a special version of its Passport SUV to cater to ’90s nostalgia enthusiasts.

The car promises state-of-the art interiors – well, state-of-1992’s-art at least.

“From TV reboots to fashion, the ’90s are making a huge comeback, and we saw an opportunity at Honda for consumers who want uniqueness and simplicity, so we decided to reach back and bring the Pastport to market this spring," said Zack Tanner, historical innovations manager for Honda. "We think the new Pastport is all that and a bag of chips."

Features on the car include a cassette deck suitable for portable CD adapters, a digital clock, and air conditioning. Designers even added a special slot where drivers can keep their pagers.

In Europe, BMW officials announced a new feature to the i-series of electric cars. No pricing is available yet, but the BMW Lunar Paint option promises electric vehicles that can recharge at night, thanks to special coatings that absorb moonbeams.