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November 10, 2015

Virtual control system

Eliminating touchscreens, switches, and dials, the air-and-ultrasound powered control system would allow drivers to control systems with hand gestures while still getting a tactile response from the vehicle.

The driver’s hand can be located and tracked as it moves across the interactive field, and the system locks on and creates a physical sensation to indicate connection. The user can feel virtual objects and control switches and buttons, giving the ability to control them in mid-air and receive feedback to confirm their action has been successfully completed.

The British technology company is working with Jaguar Land Rover to further develop the Predictive Infotainment Screen as a way of using physical feedback for vehicle controls instead of touchscreens, which can lead to drivers taking their eyes off the road.

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Powered 3-row seating system

Individually adjustable, fully powered first-, second-, and third-row seats are possible thanks to a rail system for length adjustment to create premium interiors with more legroom in the rear. The lightweight design offers power folding second-row seats, and adjustment levels can be controlled independently or in unison via smartphone or gesture control. Settings adjustments can be saved and applied again. The adaptable rail system is hidden from passenger view, giving vehicle floors a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Weight savings come from the use of long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and other advanced materials, bringing system weight to 15kg (33 lb), 20% lighter than competing products.

Brose Group


Sealed connectors for automotive electronics

The MXP120 sealed connector system for powertrain, body, and safety electronics features distinctive yellow outer housings for safety applications, while those for non-safety powertrain and body electronics applications have black outer housings.

Designed for mating, sealing, and performance in severe applications, MXP120 connectors can replace 1.5mm terminal connections in space-constrained applications. Anti-scooping technology protects pins from mating damage, and connectors produce an audible click when mating.


  • Single-wire-seal connection system
  • IPX8-rated perimeter seal
  • Compatible with AK and USCAR interfaces
  • Meets power requirements up to 13A
  • Safety applications
  • Supplemental inflatable restraints
  • Restraint systems
  • Seat-belt pretensioners
  • Steering-wheel, side, and curtain airbags
  • Non-safety applications
  • Exterior lighting
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Door-lock mechanisms
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Emission controls
  • Ignition coils

Molex Inc.