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September 22, 2015

The Warrior Feed 404 HD heavy-duty bench-top wire feeder reduces the cost of operation by up to 50% due to its roll design, which combines two lower gear-driven rollers with two upper idler/smooth pressure rollers. This design produces less scrubbing of the wire, and an upper idler system doesn’t mar the wire.

Users only need to purchase two drive rolls instead of four.

A fan ensures the motor runs cool under the most challenging conditions to further extend motor life.

The feeder incorporates short circuit termination (SCT) technology, to sharpen the end of the welding wire at the termination of a weld. By eliminating the ball that typically forms on the end of the wire, the feeder optimizes the wire condition to promote a positive arc start. SCT technology eliminates the need for the operator to clip the wire.


  • Feeds 0.30" to 3/32" wire at 50ipm to 800ipm
  • Gas purge
  • Wire inch
  • Trigger lock (2T/4T control)
  • Burnback
  • Slow run-in speed
  • Ability to preset wire feed, speed, and voltage


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