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September 22, 2015

Laser making workstation

The LMWS laser making workstation specifically designed for benchtop operation features an industrial design and narrow width for lean manufacturing and CDRH Class 1 safety. The LMWS is for marking metals, ceramics, and plastics, with welding capabilities. Standard LMWS models are powered by 10W to 50W fiber laser markers.

The machine’s manual door opens vertically for 180° access to parts and tooling, and its large viewing window allows for visual process monitoring.


  • Integrated with fiber laser marker
  • Motorized Z-axis can be jogged to location by rotary knob
  • Adjustable Z-axis
  • F100, F160, and F254 lenses
  • Fume extraction port with flexible tubing

Miyachi America Corp.


Flexible RFID system

The BIS V RFID system is capable of reading three different frequencies of RFID tags. With four dedicated RFID ports and one IO-Link master port, RFID can be mixed with sensors, hubs, actuators, and SmartLight tower lights all in one processor. The BIS V processor can be mounted directly on the production line and can connect to all major control systems. Each device houses a network In and Out port, configurable in multiple topologies for a single connection back to the PLC via Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, CC-Link, or Ethercat.


  • IP65 rating
  • Read/write heads
  • Machine tool identification
  • Pallet tracking on a conveyor
  • High-speed tracking through a transfer system

Balluff Inc.


Large bore air chucks

Energy series large bore air chucks feature a built-in air cylinder and an extra-large thru-hole. The full-spindle bore of the lathe can be utilized for thru-hole work and long jaw travels, providing more clearance for through feeding pipe. The large pneumatic chucks are available in standard and extended jaw stroke models. The system’s self-contained construction allows chucks to be installed on the front and back of the lathe spindle.

LMC Workholding


Vertical machining center

The evolved Vertex 750-5x line of machines – now called Vertex 75X II – comprises six distinct models and production improvements to eliminate traditional machine warm up time.

An HSK-80 taper spindle connection is available with the machine to complement the existing HSK-63 and 40-taper tool interfaces. The choice of rotary axis drive systems include high-torque-geared or direct drive.

A cast iron bed provides an ultra-rigid and thermally stable machine structure. The box-in-box design provides rigidity, stiffness, and agility. Guideway mounting surfaces are hand-scraped, achieving high volumetric accuracies.


  • 750mm x 800mm x 700mm (29.5" x 31.4" x 27.5") X, Y, Z linear axis strokes
  • 0.001mm (0.00004") positioning accuracy in X-, Y-, and Z-axis
  • ±6 arc seconds A-axis
  • ±4 arc seconds C-axis
  • 15,000rpm, 18,000rpm, 25,000rpm, and 30,000rpm spindle speeds
  • 225mm (9.0") to 500mm (19.7") diameter table sizes

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.


CNC tool grinders

The GrindSmart 528XW 5-axis tool grinder offers new software developments for versatility and capability for rotary and stationary cutting tools. The grinding machine’s wheel/nozzle changer features a synchronous grinding spindle with technology that allows higher torque and better surface finishes.

The ShapeSmart NP5 5-axis peel grinder offers high concentricity on long and thin parts. Rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass, using the peel grinding method. Roughing and finishing simultaneously eliminates a separate process and reduces cycle time. Thread and flat grinding can be included in the same clamping.

Rollomatic Inc.


Distance sensor

The Profiler 2 short range distance sensor measures profiles and surfaces of complex objects with one laser line. Up to four areas of an object can be analyzed at the same time with a single measurement. Featuring 10 integrated measurement functions, the Profiler 2 measures objects regardless of color, material, or shape.

The stand-alone design eliminates the need for additional cabling and evaluation units. While the integrated complementary metal-oxide semiconductor receiver unit guarantees precise measuring, the supplied software makes commissioning simple and provides exceptional real-time visualization of the measurement process.

Sick Inc.


Waterjet cutting system

The Edge X-5 5-axis waterjet cuts taper-free parts from virtually any material. The system is capable of cutting 3D parts such as impellers and bevels up to 50°. This workhouse’s sturdy design separates the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and ensuring maximum part quality. Critical bearing components are protected with heavy metal covers with brush seals and positive air pressure. Productivity enhancing options include a second cutting head with mirror cutting capabilities, a pneumatic drill for pre-piercing materials that are prone to delamination, automatic submerged or above-water cutting capabilities, and a proprietary laser plate mapping feature that allows precise nozzle-to-plate standoff. The Edge X-5 features an Aquavision Di industrial PC, which gives operators the freedom to fine-tune programs from any CAD/CAM/nesting software.

Jet Edge Inc.