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Tightening emissions standards creates challenges for hydraulic fluid filtration.

September 22, 2015

With regulators discussing ever tougher emissions rules for heavy truck and off-highway equipment, vehicle designers are considering every system component to ensure clean, efficient operations.

Andrew H. Shepard, global director of engine and industrial filtration at supplier Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), says the hydraulic fluid filtration media that his company produces can help equipment producers stay compliant.

“Our media does not stop emissions from escaping the tailpipe; we stop the engine and system from creating emissions in the first place,” Shepard says. “The extra-clean diesel fuel and engine-intake air our products provide are critical requirements for the newest engines to function correctly and meet the new regulations.”

He adds that in hydraulic systems, H&V low-resistance media allows designers to use lighter, more energy efficient pumps – reducing total energy demand on the system. In addition, cleaner fluids reduce wear, system energy waste, and emission creation.

Even without the rising standards, Shepard says demand for better filtration has been growing because dirt and water can lower equipment service life.

“Filters remove these contaminants that cause wear, tear, and reduce system uptime. The newest hydraulic applications demand shorter reaction times, lower total cost of ownership, and higher utilization,” Shepard says. “This translates into a need for cleaner fluid, burst-resistant filters, smaller pumps, and longer service intervals.”

Hollingsworth and Vose

Hollingsworth and Vose

Headquarters: East Walpole, Massachusetts
Motor vehicle work: Hydraulic fluid filtration, engine-air intake filtration, fuel filtration
History: 1801: Mark Hollingsworth founds Hollingsworth & Vose. 1840: The company buys Revere copper works. 1940: Filtration media begins production.

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