Techstars company SPLT partners with Magna

Techstars company SPLT partners with Magna

Magna employees to use SPLT ridesharing platform.

February 24, 2016

Troy, Michigan – SPLT, a startup ridesharing company developed via Ford’s Techstars Mobility program, will launch a pilot rideshare platform with global automotive supplier Magna International. As part of the pilot program, Magna will offer the SPLT rideshare platform to approximately 1,700 of its employees, who commute to and from four of its Southeast Michigan locations.

SPLT provides an app-based dynamic rideshare platform that allows co-workers commuting along similar corridors to find one another and share the ride to and from work using their own vehicles. Participants in the program can help reduce carbon emissions and lower their transportation costs.

Magna is a co-sponsor of the inaugural Techstars Mobility accelerator, which kicked off in Detroit last year. Magna mentored SPLT through the Techstars program, has since helped shape the app to meet corporate needs and recently elected to run the pilot program.

"Working with startups and having the opportunity to mentor companies like SPLT has been a rewarding experience. The tremendous energy and creativity they bring is inspiring and we get exposed to innovative new technologies and partnering opportunities," says Swamy Kotagiri, Magna's chief technology officer. "Ridesharing is certainly a trend that we are learning more about and, by teaming up with SPLT, we can get a better understanding of that market and collect data on consumer mobility needs."

Anya Babbitt, CEO and founder of SPLT, says, "Magna has helped us design SPLT to fill a crucial need in the corporate commuting space. It's not every day that corporate executives extend their wisdom to startups, but Magna is not typical by any means. We've built a trusting relationship and that's why we are so confident that this pilot will be a success, achieving high user adoption and new data points."

Using the SPLT app, employees enter their schedules and address and are automatically matched with co-workers with SPLT's ride matching algorithm.

Source: SPLT