Taiwan's Smart Machinery Advantage virtual conference
Taiwan's Smart Machinery Advantage virtual conference
Bureau of International Trade, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Taiwan's Smart Machinery Advantage virtual conference

Five companies will present virtually: Advantech, Techman Robot, Cosen Mechatronics, Axile Machine, and Accuracy & Technology.


In 2020 COVID-19 devastated the global manufacturing industry, including Taiwan's smart machinery industry. The original goal of reaching US$68 billion in output value by 2025 may not be met. In response to the pandemic, Taiwan quickly formed a national mask production team. Machine tool manufacturers took the initiative to assist in the production and assembly of mask machinery. As a result, not only have Taiwan's COVID-19 prevention measures won global acclaim, but they have demonstrated the solid foundation and value of Taiwan's machinery manufacturing technology and industrial chain.

The pandemic has prompted companies to become more aware of the importance of optimizing production capacity and diversifying risks.

De-globalization has become the new norm. The supply chain is shifting to localized production and automation, and the implementation of smart technology is accelerating. As the world's fourth largest exporter of machine tools, Taiwan already has huge smart machinery and smart manufacturing momentum. In addition, it boasts industrial advantages such as industrial computers, information communications, automation, and precision machinery technology. Its complete ICT supply chain provides smart manufacturing solutions and serves as the optimal choice for industrial transformation and upgrade.

In order to assist companies in revitalizing the manufacturing industry, the Bureau of International Trade, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) are holding the Taiwan Excellence Smart Machines Are The Future of Manufacturing Online Press Conference on September 14 (US time). Five representative Taiwanese companies will be represented: Advantech, Techman Robot, Cosen Mechatronics, Axile Machine, and Accuracy & Technology. They will discuss machinery Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, Industrialization 4.0, Internet of Things, and AI, and share their latest smart machinery applications. The proceedings will be broadcast live and will help participants understand how Taiwan's smart machinery can help them build superior smart production lines through cloud platforms.

In the post-pandemic era the manufacturing industry is moving toward automation and localized production as a response to a restructured supply chain and diversified, reduced production needs. Smart machinery is the foundation of smart manufacturing, and enables smart machinery. IIoT is key. Advantech's IIoT and Industry 4.0 industrial transformation is already used in smart factories. It proposes a four-phase strategy to help customers embrace Industry 4.0, from machine automation, equipment networking, and process visualization, to predictive maintenance, while considering real-time management, production optimization and data-driven decision making. Let us consider Advantech's Industrialization 4.0 Situation Room as an example. It is an integrated solution that realizes the Internet of Things. It consists of a high-resolution LCD screen wall, a multi-screen display media player, and exclusive WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS multi-screen playback software. All types of information, from bottom equipment, production, and factory environment are collected and integrated in the situation room to help managers better grasp production status within their factory.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, companies can no longer rely on globalization as they have in the past. They are now moving towards localized production, which in turn encourages companies to rely more heavily on automated production. In addition to solving labor problems, this arrangement can also more easily facilitate safe social distancing. As a pioneer of global collaborative robots and smart vision systems, Techman Robot has created a complete one-stop automated introduction solution to limited labor, and land and labor cost issues in the post-pandemic era. The company is an expert in the integration of smart manufacturing systems.

In line with Industry 4.0, Cosen Mechatronics increases the profit of enterprises through connection and optimization. Its high-precision band sawing machine and health diagnosis technology provides its clients with a smart cloud service platform that allows them to verify the status condition of various key components and implement relevant measures promptly, as required. Cosen Mechatronics acts as a machine equipment physician in the industrial market, understanding client issues, and providing quick solutions.

Similarly, Axile Machine aims to help manufacturers implement fully automated production lines, avoid unannounced shutdowns, and transform into smart factories. Axile Machine's Smart Monitoring System for I4.0 Machine Tool is installed on its high-end five-axis machine tool. The system is equipped with self-developed AI sensors to monitor mechanical components and consumables, and provides reliable information to managers by collecting and analyzing data.

Accuracy and Technology is not only a leader in machine tools for wire cutting machines, but also provides unmanned processing for wire cutting. Accuracy and Technology offers solutions to problems commonly encountered in manufacturing molds, from project management, mold design and processing to the end-to-end smart optimization program for formed test molds. No matter how many holes are drilled into a sample template, all waste materials can be automatically removed without human intervention.

Taiwan Excellence Smart Machines are the Future of Manufacturing Online Press Conference will be broadcast live on September 14 (US time). The registration link is https://reurl.cc/QdzVr9. In addition to the live broadcast of the online press conference, the Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Online Exhibition Hall https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/smart_machinery will exhibit a total of 60 high quality smart machinery products from 50 companies, providing international smart machinery buyers with access to Taiwan's premium smart machinery.