REE, Maxion partnering on electric vehicle wheel systems

REE, Maxion partnering on electric vehicle wheel systems

Maxion technology could lower weight for REE's hub motor/EV chassis combination.


Tel Aviv, Israel – REE Automotive is partnering with Iochpe-Maxion to improve the design and manufacturability of electric vehicle (EV) wheel systems.

REEcorner is effectively a hub motor, integrating drivetrain, powertrain, steering, and suspension in the wheel arch. REE partners that with the REEcorner, a flat, modular EV chassis. Combined the items created skateboard-like platform upon which manufacturers can place different vehicle bodies.

Incorporating Maxion’s wheel and chassis design and advanced materials experience into the system integration process, REE hopes to cut system weight and create more room for components.

“Partnering with Maxion was the clear choice for us given its advanced technical capabilities and global presence,” said Tali Miller Levin, vice president, Corporate Development at REE.

“Collaborating with REE showcases Maxion’s mission to connect our current business with OEMs and advanced mobility players such as REE,” said Dr. Saul Reichman, head of Maxion Advanced Technologies and Global Director, Innovation & Corporate Venturing, Maxion Wheels. “Our work with REE to innovate a new type of wheel and chassis creates the opportunity to further diversify both our product portfolio and customer base.”