Process Innovations: Sunnen

2018 IMTS Conference - Presentations

Tuesday 9/11: 2:15 to 3:10 p.m. / W192-A

July 6, 2018

Honing and lapping have been widely thought of as manual, low production processes, highly dependent on skilled operators. But today’s honing and lapping systems are highly automated and produce consistent, repeatable bore geometry with tolerances almost too small to measure. This presentation will discuss the rapid advances in honing and lapping, including bore geometry, surface tribology (plateau finishes, bearing ratios), burr conditions (torn and folded metal), and edge condition.

Sunnen Products Co. is the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of systems for precision bore sizing and finishing, including automated and manual honing systems, custom system development and integration, abrasives, tooling, lubricants, and bore gaging. The company recently introduced the SHD series skiving and roller burnishing system, an alternative bore sizing and finishing process for certain high stock- removal applications. And with the acquisition of the BTA Heller line of deep-hole tooling and systems, Sunnen is positioned to offer complete bore sizing solutions from the creation of the primary hole to the final bore finish specifications.

Founded in 1924 by Joseph Sunnen in St. Louis, Missouri, the company has concentrated on the advancement of bore sizing technology and related equipment for industrial applications and automotive engine rebuilding shops. The mission has always been to keep pace with the needs of customers in the processing of new materials and new requirements for high volume production while maintaining the highest standards of precision. Our latest generation of advanced systems, tooling, and abrasives has taken bore sizing and finishing to an unprecedented level of sophistication and precision, leaving us well-positioned for future growth in domestic and international markets.

While still headquartered in the U.S., Sunnen employs more than 650 people worldwide, with offices, manufacturing and tech support facilities throughout Europe, the U.K., China, Brazil, and India.

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