Process Innovations: Schunk

2018 IMTS Conference - Presentations

Tuesday 9/11: 11:00 to 11:55 a.m. / W192-C

July 6, 2018

Topic Track: Process Innovations
Session Topic: Improving Your Spindle Up-Time with the Right Workholding

Workholding is often over-looked, yet it is a critical component to the efficiency of a machine-tool. There are many factors in workholding that can contribute to keeping the spindle running longer, and the machine sitting idle for shorter periods of time. Some of these factors include part density, load/unload time, and changeover time between setups. In this presentation you will learn about the latest workholding technology, and how it can be applied in your shop to increase throughput and profitability during the changing landscape of the manufacturing environment.

Schunk is a competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology. About 3,000 employees in 9 plants and 33 directly owned subsidiaries ensure an intensive market presence. With more than 11,000 standard components, Schunk offers the world’s largest assortment of gripping systems and clamping technology from one source. Since 2012, Goalkeeper legend Jens Lehmann is brand ambassador for safe, precise gripping and holding.

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