Process Innovations: Fanuc

2018 IMTS Conference - Presentations

July 6, 2018

Topic Track: Process Innovations
Session Topic: 5-Axis Machining – Some Best Practices

5-axis machining is an advanced and complex machining process involving many aspects such as tooling, machine, CAM software, and CNC technology. A lot of development has been done in these areas to improve 5-axis machining in recent years. However, many 5-axis machine users (programmers and machinists) are not aware of the new development and have not taken advantage of the new technology. The author has worked with major machine tool builders and big end-users for 20 years and wants to share some best practices for 5-axis machining.

In this presentation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • How to achieve good surface in high speed
  • Application of advanced CNC functions to reduce tooling cost and setup time
  • Latest CNC development for 5-axis machining
  • Selection of proper CAM software for 5-axis machines
  • 5-axis machine simulation before cutting
  • Use of standard part for 5-axis machine buy off

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