Precision tool presetter

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February 8, 2018

The 4200 tool presetter offers measurement accuracy of ±0.003mm (±0.00012") and features to eliminate human error.

Heavy-duty aluminum construction reduces errors caused by thermal expansion. Actuated clamping of tool holders on the spindle provides measurement accuracy with spindle concentricity of 0.002mm (0.000079").

The tool presetter captures and measures critical features of the tool cutting edge in the micron range. Automatic X-, Z-, and C-axis movement and an auto-focusing camera enable fast measurement, setting, and testing. Touch-screen CNC controls provide access to tool data, photographs, drawings, and 3D images via a scalable tool management system.

Single Source Technologies

Part-marking laser

The 100W Y.1000 fiber laser operates up to 40% faster than common 50W lasers and marks on heavy wear products to ensure abrasion-proof legibility throughout the entire product life cycle.

Four focal widths are available for different speed and contrast specifications.

The 498mm x 367mm large marking field allows marking on large-sized components or applying multiple marks on one product.

Variable scan head tuning is available in two modes – high-quality or high-speed – enabling sharp marking results at line speeds up to 600m/min.

The laser beam can be positioned at either 90° top down or 0° straight forward. The system is compatible with various interfaces including Ethernet and RS-323 or Profibus, Profinet, and TCP/IP (with software version MarkUS 2.12).

FOBA Laser

Automated cross-hole deburring

COFA-X tooling removes burrs from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections, such as valves, fittings, and hydraulic manifolds. Designed for cross holes with an identical or nearly identical diameter crossing each other, bores that merge into one another, and crossing bores with offset centers, the system eliminates secondary burrs, reduces costs, and improves cycle times for operations previously only possible with manual deburring.

It is pre-assembled with spring-loaded blade geometry, allowing front or back cutting. COFA-X tools are customized for application-specific projects. They are suitable for bore diameters of 4.0mm and larger.

Heule Tool Corp.

Large-scale laser scanner

The Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL large-scale portable laser scanner offers an expanded measurement field and point acquisition rate of the LAS-XL to quickly digitize large parts and surfaces.

Operating on the same flying-dot scanning technology as the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS, the LAS-XL benefits from a scan-line width of up to 600mm (24") and a measurement stand-off distance up to 1m. Accurate to within 150µm, the scanner is suitable for the range of applications where increased measurement speed is valuable.

The LAS-XL is compatible with Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 modles.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence