Part cleanliness technologies gain traction

Part cleanliness technologies gain traction

parts2clean is a prime international source of the necessary parts cleaning know-how as well as an ideal buyers’ platform.


Hannover, Germany – Wherever industrial parts are manufactured or processed, parts cleaning technology is critical for the successful outcome of downstream manufacturing processes, and for the quality of the finished product.

High standards of cleanliness are required, involving the removal of particulate residues and surface films – and the standards are getting more demanding all the time. In order to remain competitive, companies around the world are under pressure to clean their parts to the required standards at the lowest possible cost. They can only do this, however, by reviewing and optimizing processes on a regular basis. parts2clean, which takes place October 23-25, 2018, at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, is a prime international source of the necessary parts cleaning know-how as well as an ideal buyers’ platform.

The market relevance of parts2clean is underscored by the fact that as many as 87% of the show’s attendees play a role in their companies’ procurement decisions.

“81% of the professionals who attended parts2clean in 2017 came with actual purchasing intent,” remarked Olaf Daebler, global director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “Nearly half were planning investments in excess of 100,000 euros.In 2017, the International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning was attended by some 4,900 trade professionals from 41 countries.”

Attractive special formats highlight the complete process chain
Exhibitors – solution providers – at the 2018 event cover plant and installations, processes, process media and their conditioning for the degreasing, cleaning and pre-treatment of parts and components, handling and process automation, washer baskets and pallets, cleanroom technology, quality assurance, test methods and analytical procedures for cleanliness inspection, corrosion protection, preservation and packaging, as well as contract cleaning. While the range of exhibits addressing every link of the process chain is unparalleled throughout the world, parts2clean also highlights various special-interest themes such as deburring and cleaning in electronics production and medical technology, as well as ultra-fine cleaning and quality control in cleanroom environments.

“The displays not only cover the latest in technology, but also the demands posed by global trends such as digitization, electromobility, miniaturization and lightweight construction, as well as the solutions capable of meeting these challenges,” Daebler comments.