Mullen selects Washington state for Qiantu EV production

Mullen selects Washington state for Qiantu EV production

Chinese-designed electric vehicle could be available in the U.S. as early as next year.


West Plains, Washington – Mullen Technologies Inc., a California company that has a license with China’s Qiantu to build that automaker’s electric sports car for the U.S. market, plans to build a 1.3 million ft2 plant near Spokane.

The Qiantu K50, shown off by Mullen at this month’s New York International Auto Show, is a 402hp beast featuring two electric motors, an aluminum frame, and carbon fiber reinforce plastic (CFRP) body panels. Expected to be available un the U.S. next year, it boasts a 4.2 second 0mph-to-60mph time, 125mph top speed, and 250 miles of range.

The licensing agreement calls for Qiantu to ship parts to Mullen for assembly into finished vehicles. Mullen officials say they’re also working to advance battery technology and other systems to improve vehicle weight and performance.

The Spokane-area plant should employ approximately 55 jobs at startup, projected to increase up to 863 jobs by 2026. The company may move some research and development functions from its California facility to Washington, potentially brining employment up to 3,000.

Mullen Technologies Chairman and CEO David Michery said the West Plains Airport Area Public Development Authority (PDA) “will provide us with the land and a revenue bond to go vertical, which will allow Mullen to develop a green energy campus with the quality of life that will help us in the recruitment of world class engineers.”