Motor Bella at M1 Concourse reveals new world of mobility

Motor Bella at M1 Concourse reveals new world of mobility

Ever wonder how autonomous trucks will transform the way cars are transported? The Steering's Autonomous Car shipping software, among other exciting innovations, to be showcased at the Automobili-D Technology Display.


Earlier this year, the Detroit Auto Dealers Association announced a "bridge to the future" auto-centric event called Motor Bella, to take place on September 21-26, at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan.

The event brings next-generation mobility, vehicle debuts and innovative auto technologies. Sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Motor Bella holds a 2-day Automobili-D Technology Display on September 21-22.

Among 30+ tech companies and start-ups showcasing e-mobility, autonomous driving, smart cities and connected car, The Steering will premiere its Autonomous Car Shipping Software.

Back in 2019, The Steering founders came up with a radical idea to change a car shipping experience from what we know it today. Miami-based, women-led startup aims to manage a full cycle of a car shipping process online. You order and track a car delivery through The Steering app. No calls are needed. Get notifications on the app, e-sign documents and authorize a payment. Review. Repeat.

On the other side of a car shipping process, The Steering ensures an efficient, regulations compatible, trailer-type loading and navigation tool. With its patented technology car hauling trucks can pick up available cars on a route to exclude LTL runs and maximize car load efficiency. The Steering technology goes beyond a regular auto transportation process, being the software enabler for autonomous trucking.

The Steering software is currently tested to work for driver-assisted trucks in Miami. The company enters its capital-raising round in September. The team of the founders and engineers will travel to Pontiac to showcase The Steering technology at the Automobili-D event.

Automotive enthusiasts, media and investors are welcome to visit the M1 Concourse, often referred to as an "87-acre playground" to get a glimpse into the future of the auto industry.