Material handling automation package

Departments - Motion, design, automation

May 7, 2018

The Multi-Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling (MARCH) system features customizable, standard, and high-density configurations, allowing automation to match surroundings – maximizing space and increasing overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

MARCH is available in two configurations – standard or high-density. Configurations range from simple load/unload to those with expandable towers, output stations, over/under carts, and conveyors. The system can serve additional lasers on the shop floor. Standard systems are available with 4-to-10 shelves and accommodate wooden pallets. High-density systems provide an additional 6 shelves, all handling up to 6,600 lb.

MARCH systems are available for 5.0ft x 10.0ft and 2.0m x 4.0m CO2 and fiber lasers.

Cincinnati Inc.

Hybrid extrusion tooling

The Series 800 hybrid tool offers 2-to 6-layer extrusion tooling to produce 0.125" to 6.0" OD tubing for automotive, medical, appliance, and industrial applications. The series produces smooth extrusion and layer definition of fluropolymer and other materials for all multi-layer, multi-lumen fuel line constructions. It achieves thin layer combinations of polymers and adhesives to 0.02mm or less.

The tooling processes all compounds and features the Seal Right System, which combines with the Feather Touch System to eliminate polymer leaking. A spiral flow distribution system is also available.

Guill Tool & Engineering Co.

Robotic arm system

ReBeL, a low-cost, maintenance-free robotics joint, is driven by a strain wave gear and is suitable for collection and delivery services and pick-and-place applications.

The unit operates with brushless direct-current (BLDC) motors, installed in the maintenance-free strain wave gear of a ReBeL joint. Control equipment built into the axes eliminates the need for an external control cabinet.

A sixth rotation axis in the modular robolink system allows all positions to be reached. For bearing purposes, lubrication-free and smoothly operating xiros plastic ball bearings are used.