Serial turbocharger production methods
Mapal has designed several tools for machining turbochargers, such as the one pictured from BorgWarner.
Photos courtesy of BorgWarner, Mapal

Serial turbocharger production methods

Mapal custom tools support metal cutting for difficult-to-machine turbocharger components.

November 12, 2019

Port Huron, Michigan – While turbochargers look different at almost every automotive manufacturer, all designs must deal with very high temperatures, requiring very abrasive, heat-resistant materials. Machining those materials is not easy.

Cutting tool maker Mapal has developed new cutting materials and tools for turbocharger components. The company offers the complete process for machining turbochargers, including drills, milling cutters, reamers, and mechatronic actuating tools – matched to the related geometry of the turbocharger. Turbochargers often require combination tools that perform multiple machining operations in one step.

Following are three turbocharging challenges solved with custom tools.

Complex boring tool with ISO indexable inserts

    Machining the V-band on turbochargers required uninterrupted cuts of difficult-to-machine materials. Mapal engineers designed a complex boring tool with indexable inserts to pre-machine the V-band and the internal contour of the turbine.

    The tool performs several internal and external steps simultaneously. The tool operates counter-clockwise to transport the chips out of the component and to prevent damage to the internal contour of the turbine.

  • Material: 1.4837
  • Cooling: MQL
  • Diameter: 49mm, 70.5mm, 73mm, 90mm; chamfer 10°
  • Cutting speed: 70m/min
  • Feed: 0.4mm
  • Tool life: 75 parts

Machining center turning

    Main turbine bores have close shape, position, and surface finish tolerances. A bell-mouthed shaped bore generates the best possible flow characteristics. A Tooltronic mechatronic tool system that integrates an NC axis into the machine controller, equipped with three inserts, performs rough and finish machining.

  • Material: 1.4837
  • Cooling: MQL
  • Diameter: 40.500mm to 57.295mm
  • Cutting speed: 140m/min roughing, 120m/min finishing
  • Feed: 0.15mm to 0.4mm
  • Tool life: 50 parts

Face milling cutters for roughing

    A cutter with pressed, radial indexable inserts supports roughing face surfaces on the turbocharger housing, featuring 16 usable cutting edges on the face milling cutter.

  • Material: 1.4849
  • Cooling: Dry machining
  • Diameter: 125mm, 14 inserts
  • Cutting speed: 80m/min
  • Feed: 0.12mm
  • Tool life: 125 parts