FANUC highlights CNC, robotic integration

FANUC highlights CNC, robotic integration

Rockwell Automation Fair offers venue to discuss connectivity.

November 30, 2015

Rochester Hills, Michigan – A demonstration highlighting the ease of use of FANUC’s products featured the α-D21SiA5 ROBODRILL tended by an LR Mate 200iD robot.  As a video presentation showed the easy setup of the robot and ROBODRILL system, a special gift was manufactured for each visitor. The robot and ROBODRILL was connected to a Rockwell Automation programmable automation controller (Logix PLC) for high-level monitoring and data collection.  

A One FANUC System will highlight the seamless integration of FANUC’s products and connectivity withRockwell Automation and Cisco technologies. First, a FANUC CR-35iA collaborative robot equipped with an iRVision 3D Area Sensor picked part blanks and placed them on a part station. Next, a GUDEL Gantry controlled by the FANUC Power Motion i-Model A transfered parts between two FANUCα-D21SiA5 ROBODRILLs, each tended by an LR Mate200iD robot.  Finished parts will be distributed to visitors. 

“The system underscores the importance of scalable technologies that can adjust to our customer’s changing production needs,” says Schneider.  

Zero Down Time (ZDT) is FANUC's cloud-based application designed to virtually eliminate unexpected production downtime. ZDT collects and analyzes critical information about a robot's mechanical, maintenance, and process health and alerts customers of potential product, system or process issues so action can be taken before unexpected downtime occurs.  ZDT also provides customers with Smart Maintenance notifications, optimizes performance and enhances FANUC’s world-class technical support services.

FANUC America at Automation Fair                                                                                       

The demonstration used a network built with Allen-Bradley Stratix Ethernet switches to connect all robots in the FANUC booth to a Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) that runs FANUC’s ZDT Data Collection software. Data collected from the robots is sent live over the internet to Cisco and FANUC’s cloud-based ZDT Data Center where it is stored and analyzed.  A large monitor in the booth logged into FANUC’s ZDT Web Portal where visitors were able to see the state of all robots in the FANUC booth.  Meanwhile, an LR Mate 200iD set up in a simulated production application next to the monitor demonstrated how ZDT can detect and prevent an issue from causing unexpected downtime. 

An education demonstration will featured FANUC’s Certified Education Training (CERT) for robotics and CNC, and a CNC Simulator. Products will be connected to a Rockwell Automation HMI visualization screen to display system status.

“As manufacturing evolves and processes become more connected, there’s an increasing need for workers with higher levels of computer science and engineering skills,” says Schneider. “Our education programs are aligned with STEM initiatives that prepare the next generation of manufacturing talent.”

Source: FANUC America Corp.