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April 10, 2017

Shaft gage

The MarSolutions RPM Commutator Gage dynamically measures cylindrical parts such as commutator shafts, turbocharger turbine shafts, and precision shafts in electric motors. Precision Vs and adjustable end-stops support the shaft and define its axial position, and a motion belt rotates the shaft at up to 20rpm.

The gage can be used in the lab or on the shop floor to measure dimensional parameters including diameter, roundness, runout, segment gap, and segment height-to-height and profile. It can be dedicated for a specific shaft size or made adjustable to measure shaft lengths from 130mm to 300mm, shaft diameters from 4mm to 20mm, and winding diameters from 25mm to 80mm. A DC motor drives the motion belt from 2rpm to 20rpm while the gaging computer collects data for analysis.

Software can display results as bar graphs, polar graphs, or X-Y graphs with measuring values or mean values. The D1200X software interface allows creation of customized forms and programs, and provides integrated functions for measuring system analysis, repeatability, and reproducibility. SPC functions allow analysis of X/S and X/R, Pareto, and histograms; and data can be exported in QDAS, QUASAR, ASCII, and Excel formats.

Mahr Federal Inc.

Industrial robot dress packs

Standard, ready-to-use, readychain dress packs for industrial robots offer multi-axis cable guidance, protection, and simple installation to get systems up and running.

Dress packs include triflex multi-axis cable carriers, chainflex continuous-flex cables, hoses, and other components that can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Robotic system dress packs are available with optional connectors harnessed to more than 20 manufacturer standards with original plug connectors, dress pack retraction systems, and on-site installation and inspection services.

igus Inc.

Anti-vibration boring heads

EWN and EWD finish boring heads and SW rough boring heads offer Smart Damper anti-vibration technology using high-resonance friction to minimize the effects of high-frequency oscillations, absorb vibration, and allow higher machining accuracy. Three head sizes cover diameters from 1.614" to 5.906".

The modular CKB connection supports an array of standard shanks and extensions to be adapted with the heads to create custom tools extending more than 16", maintaining damping near the cutting edge and managing vibration in long-overhang setups.

The heavy-duty SW twin-cutter head with integral Smart Damper is for rough-boring holes 1.614" to 4.331" diameter, creating deep bores in iron or steel workpieces and operating at cutting speeds of up to 660sfm in steel at a length of 8xD without chattering – 4x faster than standard SW heads.

For finish boring, mid-size diameter boring heads EWN and EWD with Smart Damper can bore deep holes in steel at up to 1,500sfm and feed rate of 6ipm with a projection length of 16". Both head are coolant-through, with three insert holders per head for processing a range of diameters.

EWN analog heads feature 0.0005" diameter setting accuracy, with 0.0001" diameter possible with Vernier precision.

EWD digital heads feature 0.00005" diameter setting accuracy and have IP69K seal rating.

BIG Kaiser