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May 11, 2017

High-penetration drills, inserts

The GEN3SYS XT Pro line features enhanced holders and inserts with three geometries and two advanced coatings. Combining geometry and coating technologies enables high-penetration drilling for multiple applications.

Holders are available in 3xD, 5xD, 7xD, and 10xD and feature an enhanced flute design that improves chip evacuation. An updated coolant configuration increases flow and directs additional coolant to the cutting zone. Diameters range from 11mm to 35mm (0.4331" to 1.378") in 0.1mm (0.004") increments.

Allied Machine & Engineering

Lubricant cleanliness testers

Version 8 of the SpectrOil series analyzers line updates the SpectrOil 100 series and SpectrOil M series for the elemental analysis of oil, fuel, coolant, and water. SpectrOil technology measures trace quantities of elements dissolved or suspended as fine particles in natural or synthetic petroleum-based products, providing a non-invasive indication of component and machinery health.

Signal-processing methods improve short- and long-term stability, and a standardization procedure facilitates calibration and standardization. A background measurement method offers lower limits of detection (LOD) in field applications and includes temperature and background measurement corrections that eliminate re-standardization.

SpectrOil Version 8 adds automatic identification of files that should be sent to Spectro for support. Integrated standardization combines profile, disc-offset, and procedures into a one-button operation.

Spectro Scientific’s SpectrOil 100 series and SpectrOil M series analyzers use rotating disc electrode (RDE) techniques for determining elemental composition in critical operating fluids.

Spectro Scientific

Spindle speed increaser

The Spindle Speed Increaser enables customers to grind polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool blanks. An accessory to the TX7 or TXcell, the Spindle Speed Increaser can spin wheels up to 42,000rpm.

Suited to grinding wheels smaller than 10mm, the speed increaser can be changed out the same as a regular wheel pack, allowing it to be used in conjunction with other grinding wheel packs.

A standard wheel pack could be used for tool fluting and relief, and the speed increaser used for PCD pockets. Multiple operations can be done on one setup.


Graphite-cutting vertical machining center

The Hi-M G1 vertical machining center (VMC) is designed to cut graphite for automotive and electronics applications. Featuring a rigid, compact structure, the Hi-M G1 has a 24,000rpm spindle with an integrated, high-power motor. This design minimizes vibration, noise, and power loss during high-speed rotation.

A bearing grease lubrication system and synchronous temperature control decreases the influence of external temperature variation. To combat dust buildup, a dust-reduction system is paired with a sealed-roof design that collects the fine dust generated during machining. A dustproof air curtain system prevents dust inflow into each axis.

Hwacheon Machinery America Inc.