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March 7, 2017

Automated manufacturing cell

Bin picking and deburring are possible with the Fanuc RoboDrill JobShop Cell with 3D vision. Fanuc 200iC robots deburr and wash parts, coordinating production with other automated equipment. The system offers easy changeover between jobs and is designed for un-attended production.

Methods Machine Tools Inc.

Precision workholding chucks

Customized Model 650 chucks use one chuck and two sets of flexing jaws. The jaws have been hardened, ground, and strategically wire-cut to allow them to flex and compensate for out-of-round parts. The hardened and ground stop locates the part axially. The second set of jaws-and-stop components grip a small bore (0.75") and pull the part onto the hard stop, insuring that the part is properly seated. Slots are filled with rubber to keep chips out.

Chucks are available in SAE or metric, in sizes from 3" (76mm) to 18" (457mm). Accuracies of 0.00100" to 0.00001" are guaranteed.

Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.

X-ray inspection system

The Mk 4 XT V high-precision, flat-panel X-ray inspection system facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis. Users can intuitively navigate complex printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronic components to quickly trace defects.

An isolated monitor arm and console allow independent adjustment for user comfort. The PC integrated within the machine chassis improves the profile and takes up less shop floor space. The system safety and reliability comply with the latest European standards, with updates in the service access area and coolant pumps isolated from the electronics, allowing easier routine maintenance and repairs.

Nikon Metrology Inc.