Jaguar Land Rover unveils autonomous van

Jaguar Land Rover unveils autonomous van

Project Vector is an electric, autonomous urban shuttle far removed from the sporty sedans and rock-climbing SUVs the company usually makes.


Coventry, England – Jaguar Land Rover’s Project Vector concept car offers its vision of an autonomous, electric, connected future for urban mobility.

Project Vector showcases an advanced, flexible, multi-use electric vehicle (EV) that is autonomy ready. Jaguar Land Rover CEO Prof. Sir. Ralf Speth said, “Through this project, we are collaborating with the brightest minds in academia, supply chain and digital services, to create connected, integrated mobility systems.”

The compact, flexible vehicle concept is 4m long (about 13ft) and is designed for the city, packaging its battery and drivetrain components into a flat floor. The interior cabin space allows seating configurations for private or shared use and even the opportunity for commercial applications, such as last mile deliveries.