Henkel adds Almond Products as licensee

Henkel adds Almond Products as licensee

Almond to expand market for magnesium, aluminum automotive parts.

January 30, 2015

Madison Heights, Michigan – In support of the automotive industry's effort to further lightweight vehicles and improve fuel efficiency, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has added Almond Products as a licensed process center.

Almond will apply Henkel's Bonderite MGC and Bonderite ECC Electro Ceramic Coatings to magnesium and aluminum structural parts and powertrain components for automakers.

Henkel's electro ceramic coatings virtually eliminate corrosion on magnesium and aluminum and their alloys, enabling the use of the metals in a variety of high production vehicle applications. Examples include interior, structural, and powertrain components, as well as the potential for magnesium and aluminum wheels and exterior body components.

"By delivering an anti-corrosion solution for magnesium and aluminum, these coatings have made it possible for automakers to more realistically consider magnesium and aluminum as appropriate solutions for a broad range of automotive applications to support reducing overall vehicle weight," says David Caro, director of surface treatments, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Transport, and Metal North America. "Our work with Almond Products means the automotive industry can advance even faster toward improving fuel efficiency."

Brian Hoeker, vice president of operations, Almond Products, says, "The importance of lightweighting in the automotive industry as it plans to reach CAFE standards by 2025 continues to grow, and we're prepared to help support both magnesium and aluminum's roles in these efforts."

Source: Henkel