Eliminating motor brake maintenance

Departments - Motion, design, automation

March 1, 2018

The MagnaShear motor brake employs oil shear technology to continually lubricate components, providing longer, adjustment-free service life with minimal maintenance. Oil shear technology includes a layer of automatic transmission fluid between the brake disc and the drive plate. As the fluid is compressed, the fluid molecules shear – imparting torque to the other side, eliminating wear on friction surfaces. Since most of the work is done by the fluid particles in shear, wear is virtually eliminated. In addition to transmitting torque, a fluid recirculation system dissipates heat.

Oil shear technology provides a smooth, cushioned stop that reduces shock to the drive system. Motor brakes are enclosed from outside contaminants with seal integrity for harsh and washdown environments.

Force Control Industries Inc


Machine networking

The HyperConnect Machine networking app brings Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity and efficiency to electrical discharge machines (EDM), facilitating machine-to-machine and machine-to-PC virtual connectivity.

IIoT applications for EDMs enhance user experience and efficiency, and reduce machine downtime. Available on EDMs equipped with Hyper-i control systems, HyperConnect enables operators to monitor and control processes from PCs, smart devices or other Hyper-i control systems.

EDM Mail maximizes unattended operation, while operators use PC Viewer to eliminate non-production motion.


Smart Apps for machine tool probes

GoProbe technology simplifies using machine tool probes and tool setters. The programming format, which consists solely of a single-line command, eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of machine codes and programming techniques.

Users can create single-line commands using the app. Commands are displayed on screen, ready for input to the CNC machine tool control. Users can access animations, help images, and associated text for programming assistance.

Usable with optical and radio probes, the app can also acquire and partner with radio probes in conjunction with combined radio interface and receiver units.

Renishaw Inc.


Rotary ball spline

A nut rolls on the rotary ball spline shaft, combining linear and rotary motion capability, providing sub-millimeter accuracy.

Torque acting on a robotic arm transfers to a ball spline. Hollow-shaft ball splines further enhance robotic control by creating space to allow cabling to run the length of the robotic arm.

For greater load rating without increasing the size of the machine, users can specify a ball spline with cross rollers as opposed to balls in the rotary motion.

NB Corporation of America