Delphi launching higher-pressure gas direct-injection hardware

Delphi launching higher-pressure gas direct-injection hardware

Higher fuel pressure leads to higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions for future vehicles.


Detroit, Michigan – Delphi Technologies is showing off a more than 500bar gasoline direct-injection (GDI) fuel system, a 43% pressure boost compared to current systems that could reduce particulate emissions by up to 50%.

In a paper presented at the 2019 Vienna Motor Symposium, Delphi engineers said reducing the number of exhaust gas particulates, including those smaller than 23nm, will help manufacturers meet increasingly stringent future global emissions standards.

"The industry has long recognized that increasing injection pressure to 500+ bar could substantially cut engine-out particulates while improving CO2 emissions and fuel economy," explains Walter Piock, chief engineer, Gasoline Systems, Delphi Technologies.

The challenge has been to achieve such pressures without increasing the drive loads from the pump. Most engines power GDI pumps through the camshaft drive, requiring costly redesigns to strengthen the camshaft mechanism.

"By designing an innovative new internal sealing system for our GFP3 500+ bar pump, in some applications, we have designed a downsized plunger diameter which prevents increasing the loads in the drive mechanism," Piock said.

To complete the 500+ bar system, Delphi Technologies has developed all system components including Multec 16 injectors, pumps, forged rail, engine control system, and software. The 500+ bar system could be used in production by 2022.