Deep-dish vacuum cups

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Workhandling devices offer improved grip on highly countered or oily surfaces.

December 6, 2017

Deepdish series vacuum cups feature a bell-shaped design to maximize grip force on difficult-to-grab surfaces. Available in 65mm, 90mm, and 110mm diameters, molded-in gussets prevent the cup edges from rolling on convex surfaces. A thin, pliable design and special inner tread pattern allow the cups to adhere to flat, convex, concave, domed, and oily surfaces for maximum grip. 

Vacuum cups are designed to improve operational reliability, longevity, and productivity for pick-and-place parts handling.

Polyurethane material provides wear-resistance when compared to rubber, promoting longer service life and reduced maintenance. In addition, polyurethane will not leave marks on handled objects and has elastic memory, even after hundreds of thousands of cycles. The material rates 60 on the durometer scale, making it easier to pick up highly contoured panels, while withstanding elevated shear forces created by increased acceleration and deceleration rates.