Creform donates automated vehicles to training program

Creform donates automated vehicles to training program

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will train Alabama Industrial Development Training Center students on fast-growing products.


Greer, South Carolina – Automated guided vehicles (AGV) and material handling systems producer Creform Corp. has donated two AGVs to the Alabama Industrial Development Training Center (AIDT). The two AGVs, CA-A50060-NSI-SL- BSTAGV, will be used in the lab of the training center facility to simulate manufacturing processes.

The AGV system consists of a loop that’s approximately 150ft end to end. On one end, a robot picks blocks that represent the product from the top of the cart being transported by the AGV and places them on the conveyor.

On the other end, the robot picks from the conveyor and places the blocks on the AGV’s cart. The carts feature a flat carrying deck on top to hold the blocks during transport.

Each AGV can move at speeds of up to 164ft (50m)/min and can hold up to 1,332 lb. (600Kg). Each AGV transports a dolly constructed of Creform pipe and joint and follows a magnetic tape guidepath with embedded RFID tags.

The units can handle up to a 50-course program with an HMI touch screen, RFID readers to initiate commands and 5Ghz wireless radio. A Hokuyo 8-bit optical device communicates between the AGV and the stationary devices, while the units feature a powered hitch that allows for automatic coupling and uncoupling.

The AGVs are powered by a 24V system with two 62AH 12V AGM batteries. An opportunity charging system is incorporated into the system that eliminates the need for the user to change batteries. The DAIHEN Corp. system consists of stations mounted adjacent to the guidepath that feature a wireless charging pad. Each AGV features a receiving charging pad. The power to recharge a battery is sent across an air gap via magnetic resonance technology with no cables or moving parts. With each circuit of the guidepath, batteries are automatically charged by just pulling up to charging station positioned along the route.

AIDT, an independent agency under the supervision and oversight of the Alabama Secretary of Commerce, provides workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses and expands opportunities of its citizens. Its Total Workforce Delivery System has provided thousands of skilled, motivated employees to Alabama industries since 1971.