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Humanetics Group

The Humanetics Group, specialists in crash-test dummy and other safety systems, has purchased Human Solutions GmbH and Avalution GmbH, leaders in virtual ergonomics design software. Humanetics Group adds critical tools used by vehicle designers to develop safe, comfortable, and ergonomically pleasing interior environments. Human Solutions and Avalution will continue to be led by the current management team from headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and satellite offices in Munich, Germany; and Cary, North Carolina.

Human Solutions’ RAMSIS software offers virtual ergonomics testing, and Avalution’s 3D body scanning systems have the largest international database of human body dimensions and shapes with more than 100,000 custom body scans. Leveraging Avalution’s database allows RAMSIS’ users to create virtual vehicle interiors and custom 3D CAD avatars that realistically simulate vehicle occupants to evaluate ergonomics and comfort parameters.

“Combining safety and ergonomic design and testing validation together is revolutionary. In the next 10 years, our customers have a huge challenge to launch fleets of electrified vehicles with more advanced levels of semi-autonomous driving capabilities. We will help them accelerate their speed to market with our simulation models and physical testing tools and ultimately through the integration of safety and ergonomics together in a turnkey offering,” says Humanetics Group President and CEO Christopher O’Connor.

Humanetics Group

Immersive sound system

Lucid Motors

Electric vehicle (EV) maker Lucid Motors has integrated Dolby’s Atmos technology as part of its new 21-speaker Surreal Sound system. The system consists of front, rear, side, and height speakers optimally integrated and precisely positioned in the Lucid Air’s interior, allowing riders to feel the relative movement of individual sounds as they move around the cabin.

Working with Dolby, the speaker system was tuned and perfected for the unique Lucid Air using the Capitol Records Studio C recording studio as the reference design. Dolby Atmos provides sound quality that reveals details lost with traditional stereo recordings.

In addition, Surreal Sound increases safety by enhancing Lucid Air driver aids. The audio experience includes acoustic signaling of notifications, indications, warnings, and all other audio emitted to alert the driver and passengers. For example, a seatbelt warning will come from the direction of the unbuckled belt to the driver’s ears. Other warnings, such as blind-spot detection, will feature directionality to focus the driver’s attention. Even for the driver, a sound as common as a turn signal will seem as if it were coming from the indicated side of the vehicle.

Dolby Laboratories Inc.

Lucid Motors