Efficient Drivetrains supports plug-in hybrid, CNG truck

Efficient Drivetrains supports plug-in hybrid, CNG truck

Combining alternative power technologies creates 27mpge work truck.

October 8, 2015

Milpitas, California – Hybrid and electric drivetrains company Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI), has created power systems for a compressed natural gas (CNG) and plug-in hybrid electric Class-4 logistics truck.

EDI, in partnership with Greenkraft, CALSTART, and the California Energy Commission, designed and optimized an intelligent plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain and battery pack with 40 miles of all-electric range. The EDI team integrated the optimized EDI-Drive into a Greenkraft 14,500 lb class-4 medium-duty CNG truck.

EDI’s technology effectively tripled the miles per gasoline gallon equivalent (mpge) of the baseline CNG-powered truck from approximately 9mpge to 27mpge.

The CNG-PHEV can achieve 100% electric operations and entirely eliminate the use of compressed natural gas when in EV mode.

“The Greenkraft CNG logistics truck in a plug-in hybrid configuration further demonstrates the versatility of EDI Power Drive technology, enabling the seamless replacement of the original mechanical system with EDI’s straightforward, clean power drive system. We’re thrilled to expand our solution offering and will continue to provide fleet operators with cost and performance-optimized options for electrifying their fleets,” says EDI CEO Joerg Ferchau.

George Gemayel, president of Greenkraft, adds “The collaboration on zero-emissions capable vehicles will be a strong offering as the commercial trucking industry battles to reduce emissions.”

Source: Efficient Drivetrains Inc.