Combined servo amplifier, single-axis controller

Departments - Motion, design, automation

December 6, 2017

The SIGMA-7Siec single-axis controller reduces setup times and offers precise, reliable control. The unit provides an amplifier/controller combination with the footprint of an individual amplifier, saving space in restricted control cabinets.

With a bandwidth of 3.1kHz and custom servo tuning algorithms, the amplifier provides vibration suppression, auto-tuning, and tuning-less commissioning without installer intervention.

Sigma-7Siec also offers open communication via EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP. IEC 61131-3 programming guarantees that programs behave predictably.

Many third party remote I/O modules, along with Yaskawa’s own SLIO Vipa I/O, can be interfaced with the Sigma-7Siec system via Ethernet. Third-party remote I/O modules and Yaskawa’s SLIO Vipa I/O can be interfaced with the Sigma-7Siec system via Ethernet.

A built-in web server function offers standard controller diagnostic information, eliminating the need for special monitoring/maintenance software.

Yaskawa America Inc.

High-volume robotic welding

ArcTrack, a preconfigured robot track motion module for arc welding applications, delivers flexibility and reduces lead time by 40%.

A TrackMotion Floor (TMF-2) configuration with an auxiliary shelf carries welding equipment, large wire spools and torch cleaning and reaming devices with the robot. The shelf supports more than 750kg. The ArcTrack is available for Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, and Kuka arc-welding robots, and includes robot-specific gear boxes, motors, and cables.

The cam follower and cartridge bearing design can handle harsh environments and enable 15-minute mean-time to repair (MTTR) bearing replacement. The ArcTrack is configured with guideway scrapers and a fully enclosed e-chain.

TrackMotion units, including the ArcTrack, are available in lengths from 3m to 100m, and can be equipped with robot risers from 50mm to 600mm.

Güdel Inc.

EDM monitoring control

The M800 EDM control for Mitsubishi wire EDM machines increases productivity and helps keep track of production jobs.

The M800 series controls rotational and tilting functionality, while providing job monitoring and key information in a single view.

In line with Industry 4.0 requirements, the processable data ensures transparency in all production stages. The navigation interface provides for all operator expertise levels.

The M800 control allows the user to analyze machine profitability and see reserves to optimize processes and boost efficiency. Diagrams are available to depict operating costs and output, and all operating material statuses and maintenance cycles can be requested via touchscreen.

MC Machinery Systems Inc.