Collins Bus goes into full production on low-floor school bus

Collins Bus goes into full production on low-floor school bus

Vehicle eliminates hydraulic lift, allows special needs students to enter through same door as all other students.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Rev Group has begun production of its Collins Bus brand low-floor school bus, a vehicle that should be able to transport special needs and able-bodied students at the same time.

Launched in 2017, the bus has moved from specialty to full production quickly because of strong orders. The Collins’ low-floor design empowers students to board the school bus on their own, through the same door as all other students – at the front of the bus. Rather than using a mechanical lift, the low floor design employs a durable, easy-to-operate ramp. The bus driver can deploy the low-profile ramp in seconds and when not in use, the ramp is hidden in the floor of the bus.

The ramp on the Collins’ low-floor bus eliminates inefficiencies and mechanical issues associated with standard lifts. The ramp is fast, quiet, and durable – certified to a weight of 1,000 lb. It can be electronically operated from the driver compartment or manually deployed.

“The response to the Collins’ low-floor bus product has been incredibly positive and truly moving,” says Matt Scheuler, general manager of Collins Bus. “The low-floor ramp empowers children in an essential way – it’s a meaningful and important product for the industry. I’m incredibly proud that we’re able to expand production and bring our low-floor technology to the market.”

The school bus design uses a Ram ProMaster van chassis as its platform, a front-wheel drive system available with multiple FCA engine and transmission options.